Pro Web Concepts experts with more than 15 years of experience in website development are focused to WordPress framework security, repair, installation and maintenance.

While working with websites among all these years, we have noticed all kind of challenges faced by website owners and offered solutions as and when required. In today’s time, people are moving towards cost-effective easy web solutions knowing the availability of various open source applications. WordPress is clearly is winner among these platforms.

We recommend you to contact our experts and get your website secure at the time of installation to make sure it is secure from hackers the minute it is launched. Lots of web agencies install WordPress for their clients, but few really bother with security. At Pro Web Concepts, our goal is to provide you hassle free and greater experience with your website.

As per a latest survey, approximately fifteen thousand WordPress websites are being created daily. But being an open source framework, it has its own limitations in terms of security as WordPress users are facing a lot of vulnerabilities issues. From selecting the right hosting to choosing appropriate themes and plugins, it requires some expertise to make sure your website is secure from hackers.

While repairing many hacked websites for our clients, we are really dismayed at the amount of damage done and the money lost from potential sales due to these security issues. So the web experts at Pro Web Concepts began dedicating themselves to preventing lost sales, time wasted and the frustration of clients having the website go down. Pro Web Concepts is helping clients secure their site from the beginning to keep the hackers out.

The specialists at Pro Web Concepts are constantly updating their security tools and testing all new security plugins that are being released. As a client, you will always get the most effective up-to-date security on your website. A website has many aspects to be secured and stabilized including hosting, core files, database, theme, plugins and other configuration items. With experience and research, our experts will make sure all of these items are stable in your website.